Restylane® Fynesse

  • 1 x 1,0ml Syringe
  • Manufactured by Galderma


Restylane Fynesse, the former Emervel Touch, is a dermal filler specially formulated to treat superficial lines, such as perioral wrinkles, which can appear around the mouth and lips, often as a result of long-term smoking or sun damage. It also hydrates the skin, restores volume and boost collagen production for firm and younger-looking skin. The filler is intended to smooth lines around the eyes, mouth, lips, on the forehead and upper face. Restylane® Fynesse is the only product in the line which doesn’t contains lidocaine. The results with Restylane Fynesse are instant from the first treatment and will, in general, last from 12-15 month.