Difference between masks and respirators

Difference between masks and respirators

A quick guide to help you understand the difference between a face  mask and a respirator.

Type II/IIR Respirators (FFP2 non valved & FFP3 valved)

Loose fitting Covers nose and mouth

Tight Fitting Creates a facial seal

One-way protection Captures bodily fluid (eg. cough/
sneeze) leaving the wearer of the mask

Non - Valved provides two-way protection - filters
inflow and outflow of air

“R” denotes that the mask is fluid resistant

Respirators may have an additional letter after the
number (eg. FFP3R, FFP3D

”R” = Reusable
”NR” = Non-reusable
”D” = Has passed the dolmite dust clogging test,
meaning that it can be used for >8 hours depending on
the surounding conditions